Carrier Solutions

AccessPlus Communications, Inc.AccessPlus Communications, Inc. is a facility-based competitive access provider (CAP) operating in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Over the last 10 years, AccessPlus Communications, Inc. has invested heavily in a SONET and a Metro Ethernet network which uses state-of-the-art components.

The AccessPlus Communications, Inc. network has been carrying carrier class backhaul and local access circuits for large regional and national service providers for many years. Our ability to provide customized solutions and rapid response to network support issues, and to provide technical knowledge for both circuit implementation and customer support with network problems, far exceeds what carriers traditionally experience from the ILEC.

As a registered CLEC in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, AccessPlus Communications, Inc. is able to collocate in the ILEC Cos, which increases our ability to provide all possible connectivity options to our customers.

The AccessPlus Communications, Inc.’s “Carrier Class” network provides all of the elements of a true “next generation” network including:

  • Fully ringed Metro Ethernet compliant network through the Pioneer Valley and the Berkshires
  • Fully ringed SONET network through the Pioneer Valley and the Berkshires
  • Certified CLEC in Massachusetts and New Hampshire
  • Collocated in numerous central offices in Massachusetts
  • Network operation center with remote monitoring of all network components
  • Ability to construct fiber segments to reach customers who are not on existing fiber routes
  • Can provide diverse routes using fixed wireless

The map below shows the footprint of the AccessPlus Communications, Inc.’s Western Massachusetts Network. Circuits can be provided anywhere within the footprint (green). The yellow areas indicate where our core network is enhanced by Metro Ethernet and SONET networks, collocation in ILEC offices, and additional access options such as fixed microwave and high speed DSL.

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